How To Actually Boost Email Open Rates

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This is a podcast episode titled, How To Actually Boost Email Open Rates. The summary for this episode is: <p>In this short episode I'm talking about why I don't like when subject lines turn into gimmicks and how to *actually* improve your email open rates.</p><p>Get more marketing knowledge at <a href=""></a> or submit future questions to</p><p>This podcast is produced for me by my friends at Lemonpie. If you want to launch a podcast strategy for your brand, check them out at  <a href=""></a> and tell them I sent you.</p><p>If you're looking for your next role, check out <strong>DGMG Jobs</strong> <a href=""></a> the place to go to find B2B marketing jobs you’d actually want.</p>

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Dave Gerhardt

|Chief Brand Officer, Drift

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